Produced by : Netcarbon Sdn Bhd

Current Status : In Pre-Production

Deals in place : N/A

Looking for : Pre-sales, Distribution

Format : 3D Animation Series

Duration : 26 X 11 mins

Supertots follows the adventures of five super powered members of Superfleet, the organization entrusted with peacekeeping in the Miniverse galaxy.

Assisted by their absent minded ship's computer, the Supertots explore new planets, meet new alien species and help the aliens get out of sticky situations. Often times these problems are the work of the evil genius Zeeboz, an over-zealous big-headed tantrum throwing villain wannabe with an army of hip-hopping robot posse who likes to create trouble through-out the galaxy.

The Supertots adventures lead them to discover new knowledge, new experiences and to imagine creative ways to solve their problems (and hopefully not making the problems worse) while at the same time having to handle their differences and learn the secrets of friendship & teamwork.

Contact person & details: Rush Ramlee, Email: [email protected], Tel : +6012 - 373-3053