16 Malaysian Co-productions at MIPCOM

By AMRITA VALECHA | 5 October, 2011 - 16:52

During MIPCOM, 16 deals worth more than USD 70 million was announced during the Creative Malaysia Cocktail Reception, held in the InterContinental Carlton Hotel in Cannes on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 at 6 - 8pm, hosted by His Excellency Dato’ Sri Kamaruddin Siaraf. Malaysian companies – Animasia Studio, Backbone Entertainment, Cartoon4Kids, Double Vision, Ed-Online Technologies, Escalade, Funcel, InfiniteMotion, Lemon Sky Animation, Payang Group, Sirius Pictures, Tulus Fikir, Vision Animation, Vision New Media, etc are set to reveal deals with their foreign partners from United States, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, NZ, UK, Germany, France, Spain, China, Korea, India, and Lebanon during MIPCOM, related to international co-productions, distributions and global product launches.

DEAL 1: Animasia Studio of Malaysia has signed a production servicing contract with Strika Entertainment to continue the 3rd season of the world-renowned soccer series “Supa Strikas” (13 eps x 22 mins) which is broadcasted by over 70 countries worldwide, including Disney Asia, ESPN Star Sports, Nickelodeon Asia, Orange, SABC, etc.

DEAL 2: Animasia Studio of Malaysia and ZN Animation of China to co-produce an animation series “My Ugly Little Brother” (52 eps x 11 mins)

DEAL 3: Backbone Entertainment of Malaysia, Neonpumkin of Korea and Millimages of UK to co-produce a 3D animated TV series (52 eps x 11 mins) “Call for ChiChi”.

DEAL 4: Cartoon4Kids of Malaysia and Baleuko of Spain to co-produce a 3D animated TV series (52 x 11 mins) “Smolitoon”.

DEAL 5: Double Vision of Malaysia & FFP New Media of Germany to co-produce a tele-movie “Re-United in Malaysia” (90 mins). This is the second successive co-production tele-movie project, after the success of “Rendez-vous in Malaysia”.

DEAL 6: Escalade of Malaysia & Latin Media Corporation of the United States to co-produce a telenovela drama series “Only You…Sofea Hana” (26 eps x 60 mins) for the local and global market, promoting rich Malaysian cultural values and traditions through suspense and mystery, with a strong storyline.

DEAL 7: Funcel of Malaysia and August Media of Singapore to co-finance and co-produce a slate of 3 animated series of 52 episodes each. Funcel will be the animation production partner for the slate of series, while August Media along with its Scottish subsidiary – Red Kite Animation would be responsible for development, finance, executive production and distribution. The titles of the 3 series are expected to be announced before the end of the year.

DEAL 8: Infinite Motion of Malaysia and DuArt Film And Video of USA to co-produce an undisclosed animation series title, inclusive of script writing and dubbing.

DEAL 9: Infinite Motion of Malaysia and Three Black Cat of UK to co-produce an animation series “Ella Brella” (52 eps x 11 mins).

DEAL 10: Lemon Sky Animation of Malaysia, Lion Rock Ventures of NZ & Media Tropics to co-produce a Pre-School animation series “Buzzy Bee & Friends” (52 eps x 7 mins) that is based on a popular NZ-brand, as seen on TVNZ. Distributed by Australia’s Beyond Distribution, the series is a finalist of this year’s MIPCOM Junior’s Kids Jury Award.

DEAL 11: Cedars Art Production of Lebanon has signed a non-exclusive deal with Payang Group of Malaysia to distribute an Islamic animation series “Animal Stories from Qur’an” for South East Asia Territory.

DEAL 12: Sirius Pictures of Malaysia and Heart Command Films of India to co-produce a slate of feature films and documentaries for television and new media platforms.

DEAL 13: Tulus Fikir of Malaysia, Synergy Media of Korea & Crazy Bird Studio of Korea to co-produce an animation series, “Playground Robot Bboing” (26 eps x 11 mins) that was recently awarded the Best Planning Award 2011 at Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival.

DEAL 14: Sesame Workshop of the United States has appointed Vision Plus Entertainment of Malaysia to distribute and co-produce localized contents for program catalog of Sesame Street in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, comprising of Play with Me Sesame, Elmo’s World, Abby’s Flying Fairy School and Jalan Sesama.

DEAL 15: Ed-Online Technologies of Malaysia and Bryant Whittle of UK jointly announce the completion of their 10-book educational children series, based on their animation TV series “Red, Yellow and Blue” (52 eps x 11 mins), which is currently in development between Ed-Online Technologies, Bryant Whittle of UK and Scrawl Studios of Singapore.

DEAL 16: Co-Production Partners - Vision Animation of Malaysia and Moody Street Kids of Australia announce the global product launch of their co-produced animation series “Flea Bitten” (52 eps x 11 mins) global distribution is handled by the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF).