Animasia and Cartoon Network Asia partner to produce cricket-based animation property

By ANAND GURNANI | 21 October, 2009 - 15:19

Cartoon Network Asia has recently announced a strategic content partnership with Animasia, one of Malaysia's leading creative studios, to produce a cricket based property about a group of local Indian kids who aspire to play in the biggest inter-school cricket championships. The film is slated to premiere on Cartoon Network in India in the second half of 2010.

The pre-production commenced in Sept 2009 with the story treatments and character designs being done, while the full production will start by Dec 2009 and will be completed by 2nd Quarter 2010. With 3 directors and 50 artists working on the project, the series is produced in high end flash where the look and feel will be particularly focus on Asian settings

Speaking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific, Edmund Chan, Managing Director, Animasia, "We are going into a co-production deal with Cartoon Network for "Balla Bowl" where everyone is very excited to work on this series (Cricket). The main concept of the show is being derived from "Bola Kampung", a property in which we have been working and building since 2006. After a few meetings with CN, we basically cracked out an idea on "why don't we produce something for Cricket'? There are not many cricket animations in the market, and we thought cricket is a growing sport where it has huge supporters in India. With all the exchange of ideas and brainstorming sessions, we manage to clinch a deal with CN to team up with us to work on the show."

"We certainly felt very happy and proud of our Malaysian talents as we are a young company in the market and being able to work with CN, it will surely give us a lot of opportunities to learn and exchange ideas with this esteemed company." He added.

At Mipcom, Mark Eyers, Vice President, Content, Cartoon Network, presented the Guest of Honour, Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak with a golden cricket bat to symbolize the partnership with Animasia, as well as Cartoon Network's commitment to nurturing creative talent in Malaysia.

Mark Eyers said, "Just as in cricket, being number one in the kids' space requires an understanding of the pitch conditions, regular innovations and getting the big hits out there. In this creative venture we are striving for a six and in Animasia, we have found the right partner to take the score to the next level, by producing popular original content. We are delighted to be supporting not only the creative talent from this dynamic studio but also the Malaysian animation industry as a whole."

Edmund Chan added, "This collaboration will bring great benefits and confidence to the Malaysian animation industry. Let us bowl for a good start with Cartoon Network and trust that this animated cricket concept will score great success for both Animasia and Cartoon Network."

The story revolves around a young boy Sachin, who eats, sleeps and dreams cricket. The only problem is his school doesn't think so. Sachin decides to do it on his own and picks his team of 11 students. It involves a motley bunch of kids with their own aspirations and problems and how they work together to become winners. It's a story filled with hope and it's a journey of the underdog's dream of making it to the top!