Fatcheez, Malaysia appointed as licensing agent of ‘Pisi The Cat’ for Asia, Middle East and Russia Federations

By AMRITA VALECHA | 2 March, 2011 - 13:18

Fatcheez has been officially appointed as French property ‘Pisi The Cat’ licensing agent for Asia, Middle East and Russia Federations. Categories under Fatcheez cover publications, soft line, hard line, apparel, console game, mobile game, online game, gift & novelties and almost all-licensable merchandise range.

Talking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific, Ho Lee Chong, Fatcheez shared, “Pisi The Cat Company is owned by Pauline H.d'Almeras, a very talented artist, writer and creative person. She has a team of 10 like-minded people joining force with her to build Pisi The Cat since 5 years ago. Pisi The Cat started off with its' own publication in spreading message of love. Evolvement into licensed merchandise came into picture 2 years ago, when she was approached by both local French and USA's licensees to acquire Pisi The Cat's rights for personal cares products, healthy snacks food and many other range of merchandise.”

He further added, “Subsequently, Pisi The Cat Company foster its' talks with Fatcheez since Q3/2010 over Asia's licensing right and animation co-production. In Jan 2011, agreement has been formed between both firms in allowing Fatcheez to manage the entire Asia, Middle East and Russia's territories of licensing and merchandising rights on an exclusive manner. This also inclusive of co-producing Pisi The Cat's 2D animation series, where Fatcheez will lead in the production process itself, while the IP still belong to Pisi The Cat Company.”

Development onto flash animation for Pisi The Cat is being carried out with an intention to spin off 2D flash animation series to be co-produced with an overseas production house.

Ho Lee Chong further shared, “Pisi The Cat character appeal to people of all age between 5 to even 105 years old. We believe when it comes to love, age doesn’t matter, simply because Pisi not only amuses children aged between 3 to 12, he's also able to attract teen girls aged between 12 to 18 years old. Young adult women relate to our leading feminine character "Sweet Mathilda" who is sweet, tender, affectionate, smart, elegant and sophisticated. Moms, dads, grand-fathers , grand-mothers, uncles and aunties like Pisi since he represents almost all important moral and ethical values like, friendship, love towards neighbor, goodness, loyalty, honesty, help towards people, altruism, and most of all it represents overall family's worth.”

Pisi the Cat is a fabulous feline with a penchant for travelling worldwide and getting himself into all kinds of mischievous adventures!  Pisi the Cat is no ordinary cat, he can dance, cook gourmet meals, and is a fan of jazz music.

Every experience for Pisi is an adventure, whether gulping down multicolored ice cream, skiing steep slopes, leaping from rooftops, or hanging out with his best friends, the Ghiro-Biro twins an impish couple of lizards. Pisi has a love of life and everything in it! Together, with his friends, Pisi travels the world from Paris to the Swiss Mountains to the Riviera and on to Colorado and now Pisi The Cat and his friends are entering Asia with great love!

Pisi The Cat is a reference model for both boys and girls for his particular nature of "male" cat with well defined features; in fact, the cat is lively, cheerful, funny, without being aggressive, which puts him precisely in a range of feminine target. At the same time he's sporty, he loves adventure, jazz, and doing "reckless" things and this means his personality will attract male audiences. Pisi has in fact, in his manner of seeing and thinking, a strong ability to observe and focus himself always on solutions, not on the problems. He wants to see and treat others as they could and would always like to be, and never for what they are.

Pisi The Cat is a Democrat, a lover of the highest values of freedom, justice and equality, he's American, but he loves all the people and in fact he feels himself international. His distinctly positive vision of the world leads him to travel, wanting to see places and new people, driven by the curiosity that marks him specifically. He always sees the positive in others, the good, the beautiful, and this makes him a very "popular" character, appreciated and loved everywhere, from the rich and powerful, but also by poor and humble. So you can see him in many different places spending time with celebrities and powerful people, at the Golden Globe Awards or the Oscars, but he may share a sandwich with butter and jam with a homeless, he may be invited to lunch by JB Rockefeller, but he also plays with the children of suburbs. Pisi also loves children around the world, and he has a strong willingness and desire for all that is voluntary, charitable, help our neighbor and all living creatures in the world. Living with Pisi is always an adventure, with Pisi you don't get bored, because he can find the good and the positive in every situation. He's a cat that loves Art, Music, Literature and Cinema.