MFX work earns multiple Festival nominations

By ANIMATION XPRES... | 10 August, 2011 - 14:00

A broad range of techniques and styles has recently helped Kuala Lumpur's MFX to secure a total of eight finalists in the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2011, AEAF Awards 2011 and the AD Stars 2011 for the following categories:

Shortlist in the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2011
AWB 'Superhero' - Promotional Animation Category.

Three Finalist Spots for 'Animation', Visual Effects' and 'Titles, Ident and Stings' category in
Australian Effects & Animation Festival (AEAF 2011)
Petronas Syntium 'Partnership' – Commercials Animation
Petronas 'PLI' – Commercials VFX
CI 'All New Asia' - Titles, Idents & Stings

A Total of Four Finalists for Craft Animation in Busan International Advertising Festival (AD Stars 2011)
AWB 'Superhero' – Public Service Announcement (PSA) & Craft/Film (Animation)
Petronas 'PLI' – Craft/Film (Animation)
Hitachi I-Clean 'Robot' - Craft/Film (Animation)
KFC 'Cinema Classification' - Campaign Craft/Film (Animation).

Moon Chan Kien shared, "For our team, AWB Superhero was an exceptionally rewarding experience, allowing exploration into new areas. AWB is a collective of international advertising professionals who combine efforts to create pro-social messages and ad campaigns for a good cause. AWB, who is based in Argentina, approached us at MFX to produce a fully animated TVC based on their award winning print ad to carry the message tag line-You don’t have to be a superhero to help. The outcome was a solution initiated by our team to produce a motion comics style piece that would bring AWB's concept to life. We are
pleased that this project has been nominated as finalists for the Ottawa Film festival and AD Stars 2011."

"Here at MFX, we are also proud to have produced works for Petronas Syntium and PLI Partnership,both of which have also been nominated for finalists, both at the AEAF and AD Star awards 2011."

The TVC is an entirely animated sequence created with a challenging combination of 3D and motion graphics. Close-up shots of liquid and particle simulations give the piece an almost abstract quality. It is an unusual choice for promoting a product as functional as lubricant and a detail that is used to depict the quality of oil almost like liquid gold, that gives high perfomance and value.

"Our third spot that won finalist for the AEAF awards 2011 is the CI All New Asia Ident. The project was a follow up to the 2008 idents we produced for the channel previously. We designed, produced and post-produced all in-house. The aesthetics are clean and direct, using carefully selected objects that create impact and build a feeling of suspense, reflecting what the programme is about."

For AD Stars 2011, MFX  won another finalist spot for Hitachi I-Clean Robot. The idea of the piece is fun and tells a clear message. Based on Bollywood dance scenes, the self-cleaning air conditioning robot is personified through careful animation by the MFX team, coming to life dancing out of the shower whilst the home is unattended, when someone returns home, the AC unit is cleaned and transformed back onto the wall.

The KFC Cinema classification has been selected as the fourth MFX finalist piece for ADStars.Already a Kancil award winner, the project consists of three spots digitally produced that were given a human touch by rendering the characters to look like cute, likeable and funny “Claymation” version of KFC's Colonel and Chicks, which was later redone for stereoscopic cinema.

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