Visual Effect Society visits MAC3; Mulling Malaysian chapter

By AMRITA VALECHA | 17 May, 2010 - 12:44

Visual Effect Society' Chairman and Vice Chairman, Jeffrey Okun and Carl Rosendhal and ambassador of VES, LA N. Madhusudhanan recently visited MDeC and MAC3 in KL to know more about MAC3's plans and strategies for the development of the creative industries and visited visual effect studios like KRU Studios, Rhythm and Hues, Basecamp VFX, Flystudio & Igloo Digital Arts, Asia Pacific Videolabs, Young Jump Animation and Moon Fx.

Talking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific, Hasnul Hadi Samsudin, Head of MAC3 shared, "The VES visit to Malaysia, MDeC and MAC3 was a working visit to understand the Malaysian Animation and Visual Effects landscape. Jeffrey Okun and Carl Rosendahl saw it as also an opportunity to also spread the awareness of the VES to the Malaysian industry. Overall the outcome of the visit was positive as VES saw Malaysia as having the right ingredients to be an up and coming VFX center in Asia. The VES saw the overall strategy of MSC Malaysia and in more detail the MAC3 strategy - and have mentioned that the strategies which focuses in capability development is very sound. The overall government support for this industry is the key in making sure Malaysia has an advantage in reaching its goals as a VFX center/hub. This is evident in the plans/programs that have been implemented by government agencies like MDeC through MAC3 and Finas."

The Post Production and Animation Companies of Malaysia Association (POSTAM) along with VES is looking to set up VES Chapter for Malaysia. This will allow Malaysia to be recognized by international VES members as a serious player within the VFX industry.

Hasnul further shared, "MDeC, VES and POSTAM will be looking forward to setting up a Malaysian VES Chapter, organizing workshops and seminars for VES members to share knowledge to local industry, look at how Malaysia could participate further in VES events and programs in the future globally."

N. Madhusudhanan ambassador of VES said, "Our trip to Kula Lumpur was a very pleasant one. The way MDeC supports the multimedia industry; especially the Animation Industry in Malaysia should be an example to the emerging Asian countries. MDeC has put in lots of effort to build the physical and technical infrastructure supported by the structured funding options to encourage the local companies is truly laudable! I personally feel Malaysia might emerge one of the strong players in the South East Asia within five years. Some of the goals that MAC3 has clearly shows how big visionary they are! Their Talent Development Programs, the Awareness initiatives and distributed infrastructure are such a visionary programs. Overall, we enjoyed our trip to KL."