MediaFreaks and Omens Studios to co-produce Sedo Dog

By CHAITRA SHETTY | 22 December, 2010 - 17:41

SINGAPORE: Singapore based MediaFreaks Cartoon and Omens Studios have joined hands to co produce a new 3D animated television series for kids called Sedo Dog. The co production alliance will have Media Freaks working on the pre production of the series while the production will be done at Omens. Targeted at the age group of 6-9 yrs world over, the project is being supported by the Media Development Authority of Singapore.

Based on the adventures of a dog called Sedo and his group who come from another planet to Earth, the series will have 26 episodes of 22 minutes each. Talking to
AnimationXpress Asia Pacific
, MediaFreaks, Accounts Director, Aric Lim, shared, “Sedo’s evil arch nemesis Bado and her side kick Rollo have escaped justice through a dimensional doorway into Earth.

Unfortunately, the dimensional doorway sucked Sedo and his friends Guru, Cosmo, Mono, Judo and Floro through as well. The stunned pups find themselves in a strange new world called Earth.”

We figured that it would be a really cool idea to give a bunch of pooches special powers and see how they would use it!”

The work on the series started back in June 2008 and till date, 20 (out of the 52) scripts and storyboards have been written at MediaFreaks and Omen has completed developing all the key assets along with the first 2 episodes, and has started simultaneously working on the next 4 episodes.

Although the animation being used is 3D, the facial expressions of the characters have been done using 2D maps instead of 3D facial target morphs. Adding to the same, Omens Studios’ Tang Chi Sim said, “We've made a few variations of the look and feel for the series.

As a brand new property, I believe it will take a few episodes to finally lock down a distinctive look for the rest of the series. Currently, it is progressing well and I believe we are about 70-80% where we'll like to be at.”

There are approximately 50 people involved in pre-production, production and post-production of the series from both sides and the key credits include Creator and Executive Producer - Aldric Chang, Executive Producer - Tang Chi Sim and Finance Controller and Producer - Adrian Chye.

Developed especially for kids Sedo Dog rides on its comical plot and appealing characters. “It has a set of appealing designs and being a brand new property, it has a lot of room to develop it into a distinctive and global winner, whether it's from the story, the voice acting or the CG production,” added Tang.

Targeted at the age group of 6-9 world over the series is slotted for an end of 2009 release and thedistributors of the project are currently in talks with broadcasters in USA.

Katakune, another 3D preschooler television series by MediaFreaks is currently available on DVD in USA. Published by Porchlight Entertainment it is a 52X10 minutes series, also being pitched for broadcast. Apart from animation for television series, the company also specializes in medical simulation and documentary animation.