Sundance 2011 Animation Showcase Videos

By ANIMATION XPRES... | 4 February, 2011 - 14:44

The ongoing Sundance Film Festival 2011 at Park City Utah, US (Jan 20-30) is showcasing a collection of some of the most creative and artistic animation short films from all across the world as a part of its yearly animation showcase. These feature a blend of 3D, stop-motion, hand-drawn and other mediums. Here is a sneak peak into the shorts that made it to Sundance Animation Screening this year.


8BITS | Valere Amirault, Sarah Laufer, Jean Delaunay, Benjamin Mattern 2010 - A fight between an 8-bit superhero and a high-definition boss in a retrogaming world.
Tussilago | Jonas Odell 2010 - In 1977, West German terrorist Norbert Krocher, along with his former girlfriend, "A," was arrested for planning to kidnap the Swedish politician Anna-Greta Leijon.
Tord and Tord | Niki Lindroth von Bahr 2010 - Tord accidentally walks into the apartment next to his and discovers that another person named Tord lives there.
The Greatness | Yi Zhou 2010- Inspired by The Divine Comedy, The Greatness takes an imaginary journey through the circles of hell, purgatory, and paradise with music as a central character.
Something Left, Something Taken | Ru Kuwahata, Max Porter 2010 - A vacationing couple encounter a man whom they believe is the Zodiac Killer.


The Eagleman Stag | Mikey Please 2010 - If you repeat the word "fly" long enough, it sounds like "life."
Storm | Cesar Cabral 2010 - A lone sailor sails through stormy seas-seeking to reunite with his beloved-until unexpected changes in his path alter his destiny.