Animonsta's BoboiBoy to hit TV3 on March 13

By ANIMATION XPRES... | 9 March, 2011 - 15:18

Animonsta’s BoboiBoy is all set to hit the small screen on 13th March on TV3 every Sunday 7:00 to 730 pm.  The studio is also in talks with a big broadcaster to air the series in 16 countries in Southeast Asia soon.

BoBoiBoy, a story about a group of adventurous super kids who fight against Aliens who have invaded the Earth for coffee, took around 6 months for asset development and 12 months for animation production. The first season of BoboiBoy is made at a budget of USD 850,000.

Animonsta has been established by Ex-founders of Les Copaque (which produced the hit series Upin & Ipin) Mohd Safwan Mohd Nizam, Muhammad Anas and Kee Yong Pin with the vision of producing universal animation content with local touch. Currently the studio is based in Cyberjaya Malaysia under the MSC MAC 3 facilities provided by the Multimedia Development Coporation (MDeC). The studio has plans to move to a bigger studio by June.

Talking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific about the theme of the series, Nizam Risak Managing Director, Animonsta shared, “Adu Du the alien will come out with crazy ideas and experiments to defeat BoBoiBoy in order to take control of Earth's cocoa. BoBoiBoy and his friend will work together to stop Adu Du while having fun with their super powers. In addition to the basic theme, there will be character development such as BoBoiBoy's developing his super powers and the introduction of new characters, both good and bad.”

The main characters are a mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian children giving a multi-cultural feel. The story is set in a futuristic KL-like city, so there is local based content spread throughout, such as hovering mamak stalls, a fisherman village like "kampong nelayan" and road systems much like Malaysia. Though the setting of the story gives a serious sci-fi tone, the story-telling style is done with jokes and parodies thrown throughout, with the main characters being comical individuals themselves. The whole art-style is a mix between stylized super hero cartoon and with realistic effects and rendering.

The series has a bright and vibrant color scheme which is very attractive to children. Character animations are stylized and exaggerated to enhance the action and jokes. Finally the overall design of buildings, characters and props has a distinct style to it giving a unique cartoony look which gives a more enjoyable viewing experience. “Any product has to have the ability to relate to the targeted audience. For BoBoiBoy, it’s the same formula but better; the target audience is the world.” Shared Nizam.