Dneg’s work on Inception wins Visual Effects Oscar

By ANIMATION XPRES... | 28 February, 2011 - 19:06

Double Negative's visual effects work was honoured at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, when the visual effects award went to Christopher Nolan's complex movie, Inception.

Double Negative provided all the visual effects on the film, including Limbo City, the Paris fold-over sequence and the fortress explosion. One of DNeg's founding members, Paul Franklin, was the VFX Supervisor on the film and was in attendance in the Kodak Theatre to receive the Oscar, along with fellow nominees, DNeg VFX Supervisors, Peter Bebb and Andrew Lockley, as well as the film's SFX Supervisor, Chris Corbould.

The Oscar nod for DNeg comes after a long run of recognition for the VFX work on the film, including 3 VES awards and the BAFTA for Special Visual Effects, which the same team received on February 13th in London.

Following the Oscar ceremony DNeg's CEO, Matt Holben, said, "We can't ask for more from our artists than the fantastic work they produce, but we're incredibly proud of the Inception team for this outstanding achievement. Coming after the wins at the VES and BAFTA, this has made for a great start to the year and has really put Double Negative on the map!"