Tomato Animation KL, develops Chinese Zombie War game for iPhone & iPad

By ANIMATION XPRES... | 22 July, 2011 - 15:17

Malaysia based game studio Tomato Animation has launched new action game the Chinese Zombie War game specially designed for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Chinese Zombie War is a terrific zombie defense game that sets itself apart from other similar titles by incorporating traditional Chinese legends and mysticism. It is a zombie game that you have never seen before. They are ancient Chinese Zombies they don’t walk they hop. They are not afraid of ordinary weapon and they don’t hunt for brain they kill randomly.

Talking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific, Nasruna Rahmat, Marketing Director Tomato Animation Sdn Bhd said, “There's something special about this game, it’s a combination of traditional, legend and technology. Technology can be better, faster and more efficient each day but certain things should stay the way they are. This game is well received especially by Asian country like Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Taiwan and of course our own country, Malaysia. Since we received a lot of request from China to translate this game into Chinese, so now we have Chinese version too”.

The game is about the distant Qing Dynasty, Emperor Lung, who dies of a disease before he realizes his dream of dominating the world. In his afterlife, Qing Dynasty Emperor has turned into a zombie and resurrected his people to assist him in dominating the world. Only you can stop him. You will be equipped with simple but effective Taoist talisman weapons (or tools).

3 main artists and 1 programmer have worked on the Chinese Zombie War Game they even consulted an archaeologist to check on the zombie and emperor's costume. It took 4-5 months to complete the development of the game.

The game includes 11 levels with gorgeous graphics and user friendly game interface on smooth 3D animation combined with hand drawn background. The features of the game are Chinese zombies dressed in traditional Qing Dynasty robes, stiff, mindless and hop. There are new types of zombie with different abilities as you progress. Not just zombies, but unexpected characters appear with surprise and Taoist spiritual weapons like “Ba Gua” mirror, Taoist Bell, and “Fu” (a yellow Talisman papers with spells written on it).

When asked about response received so far from the players, she said, “We received positive response from players, they like the graphics, zombies, the sexy ghost girl and basically everything about the game. The only thing they ask is to add more level. So we are working on major update. We will add 6 more levels and increase the difficulty. It will be released in August 2011 in conjunction of Hungry Ghost Festival”.

Tomato Animation Produces simple and highly addictive casual game for mobile and PC platform. The Studio also develops multi-platform casual games that run on iPhone, iPod, iPad, android, and computers.