VTC Studio, Vietnam developing 3 Online Games; to be released this year

By FARHATNAZ ANSARI | 20 April, 2011 - 14:42

Vietnam based VTC Studio is developing three online games, Squad, Generation 3 and Showbiz; to be released this year. The IP of all the three games is owned by VTC Online Joint Stock Company which has provided the funds for the development of these games. VTC Game is the publisher of these games. Squad game is in Alpha 2 stage of production whereas Generation 3 game and Showbiz game are in Close beta and Open beta stages of production respectively.

Speaking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific Nguyen Thanh Tung (Michael), VTC Studio shares, “These games will be free to play but players have to pay for the items. We are right now targeting the gaming population of countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Russia, Cambodia and Korea”.

Squad game- It is a next-gen MMOFPS (Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter) with highly customizable weapons, characters and stunning visuals. Brilliant graphics in every details: menu, weapons, characters but require average PC specifications. Weapons design and performance were developed under cooperation with professionals in military to ensure the most realistic feelings for gamers. Packed with all typical MMOFPS game modes along with some exclusives like Espionage, Armageddon, Bloodthirst. It has deep character customization, 3 distinctive classes, exciting perks and kill streaks. Weapons can be customized in every aspect with bonus skills to players. It’s a marriage between MMOFPS and RPG (Role-playing Games).

Generation 3 game- It is a real time strategy webgame with Europe Middle Age background. Gigantic maps which can hold 50.000 gamers. Four seasons rotation creates a variety of strategies. Differentiated terrains affect gameplay, require deeper thinking and quick manipulation. New general, family skills and experience system. New hero units inspire others through battles. It has authentic design of historic characters and leaders. Excellent visuals, 11 item categories with over 500 equipments. Use Microsoft Silverlight for the best webgame experience and low operation cost.

Showbiz game- It is compatible with all browsers and publishable in almost every popular social network. Also it can be converted into a desktop application. Easy for publishers to localize, customize graphics like backgrounds, items, costumes to match their market’s needs.

Squad game will be in Open beta stage by July 2011 and VTC will release the game in September 2011. Generation 3 game will be in Open beta stage by May and Showbiz will be in Open beta stage in April. Both the games will be released in June 2011.

For more details about these games, please visit: www.studio.vtc.vn