Mind Tap to launch Mobytoons on SMART Telecommunication in Sept '09

By AMRITA VALECHA | 3 September, 2009 - 12:54

MANILA: Philippines based mobile content developer Mind Tap Studios, has signed a deal with SMART Telecommunication for its collection of original animated content Mobytoons. Specifically made to address the nuances of the new media, Mobytoons consists of animated shorts, wallpapers and caller ids.

Under this deal Mobytoons downloads will be available on SMART telecommunication network at the cost of PHP 20 and PHP 15 respectively and the launch of the same is slated in September 2009.

Currently Mind Tap Studios has developed 60 shorts for Mobytoons ranging from 15 seconds to 2 minutes. The length of each short is in consideration to the limitation of the medium.

Talking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific, Benedicto P. Modesto, President of Mind Tap said, "Mobytoons is the first of its kind in the Philippines, a project originally and intentionally developed for the new media. In a way Mobytoons is an attempt to develop a unique form or type of animation driven by the restrictions or limitations of a choice medium and to create a new type of genre in animation- Mobytorials. Much like the evolution of Japanese Manga, we hope to eventually shape something out of our attempt, elevating the meaning of original content to a whole new level."

Mobytorials, a type of animated content in Mobytoons, is a satire on the most notable socio-political issues in the country example mirroring the recent rice shortage in Asia which hit the Philippines the most, being the top rice importer of the world. This specific content may also be viewed from the country's top news portal, Inquirer.net since its development is with editorial guidance of the news portal.

Another category of Mobytoons is Empoy vs.Empoy, a comical look on the day to day realities of two officemates who look very much alike and are always at each others throat. This section underscores several aspects of reality like Karma and dog-eat-dog world which define the reality of individuals trying to make a living.

Talking about tapping other regions, Mr. Modesto added, "We are on a look-out for partners that have the capability to distribute our contents in their own region. We are already talking to a number of companies that may distribute it in Asia. We are interested to tap the mobile market of India, EU and America."