Canal+ and YLE Finland to broadcast Scrawl's Milly, molly

By AMRITA VALECHA | 2 March, 2010 - 13:27

Second season of Singapore based Scrawl Studios's 'Milly, Molly' has been sold to French broadcaster Canal+ and YLE Finland. Canal + broadcasted the 1st series in May 2008 and the second series will be broadcasted soon and the fifteen minute version of the second series of 'Milly, Molly' will broadcast soon.

Talking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific, Seng Choon Meng, CEO, Scrawl Studios, said "We're extremely excited that the second series of 'Milly, Molly' will air in France and Finland, and is a strong sign that the core themes of friendship, in spite of differences, resonates strongly with audiences there, and is valued universally. This has been validated by sales to broadcasters in various parts of the world, and we are confident that the second series will continue to do as well as the first."

Laurie Dumas, Director of Acquisitions for Children for Canal +, commented, "We are really happy to have more episodes of 'Milly, Molly', which we renamed as Mili Mélo. We have been eagerly waiting the second series since the first performed so well on our Piwi channel. It fits very well with the spirit and editorial line of the channel, with the strong friendship themes and acceptance of difference."

'Milly, Molly' (52x15 and 26x30 min) follows two little girls from very different backgrounds and celebrates difference and diversity. Each episode has a subtle message about values such as honesty and responsibility, as well as life skills such as stranger danger, dealing with bullying and forgiveness. It is an exciting, poignant and funny animated series.

The second series is also going to air on Discovery Kids Latin America, Discovery Familia USA and TV Ontario in Canada.

Series one was sold into many territories including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Latin America, Finland, France, Norway, Iran, Israel, Portugal, the Middle East, Poland, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Iceland.