Gilamon Studio created Major Zombie: Love and Loss

By FARHATNAZ ANSARI | 9 March, 2011 - 15:01

Gilamon Studio which has released many titles so far has yet another new offering called Major Zombie. It was created and developed by Lefty Gilamon co-founder of Gilamon Studio. This graphic novel is a 60-page English graphic novel launched at the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Con (STGCC) last December. It is printed full color in a bigger graphic novel format (A4 size).

In his former life, Major Zombie lived the glamorous life as Supreme-Man, a celebrity and A-list superhero – until an incident changes his life forever. While saving a girl from the attack of the Zombie King, he was infected with the Zombie virus. Supreme-Man died in the eyes of the world, his passing mourned with a grand funeral and tribute.

A few days later, a figure rose from the grave – a shadow of Supreme-Man with only half the power and maggots coming out of his body. Only Kaktus, the girl he rescued from the Zombie King, remained by his side as his partner in duty and confidante.

His former glories as Supreme-Man all but lost, Major Zombie is now a nobody in the superhero world. But he is happier now, working for a non-profit initiative, helping people in small towns from monster's attacks and aliens' invasions. Talking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific Lefty Gilamon, Founder of Gilamon Studios says, “Major Zombie stemmed out of my love for fantastic figures in B-movies (zombies, vampires, monsters, aliens, etc.) and superhero comics”

Major Zombie: Love and Lost has two stories, each devoted to both ends of the spectrum. In the Tan Eng Huat illustrated "Love", Major Zombie reluctantly helps an old rival to investigate into his love affair. Lefty's "Lost" is a tale of a power crazed villain Draga, whose obsession with power ended tragically.

Like all Major Zombie stories, there are strange creatures and beautiful bad girls in exotic setting in this graphic novel. Get ready for the adventures of Major Zombie, with his confidant Kaktus and pet maggot Mikey, from the Vegas like Angkor Watt to a tiny fishing village in Asia.

That's not all a string of top artists are either drugged or terrorized into submitting their rendition of Major Zombie, Kaktus and a whole bunch of monsters! These poor souls are Billy Tan (New Avengers, Shadowland), Puppeteer, Leong Wan Kok (, Zid and the list goes on! So seat back and enjoy this package of bizarre fun.

Lefty co-founded Gilamon studio in 2003 with 2 artists, Michael Chuah and Chin Sau Lim. The goal of the studio is to establish a platform for creator-owned projects. The studio will continue to come up with new intellectual properties in comics form as well as other media in the near future. Gilamon Studio has released 3 comics, a 200-page graphic novel with the help of MDeC IPCC Grant which they have won in 2006 and a series of apparels.

Lefty created Major Zombie and co-created Major Zombie Jr. with Chuah. Chin created Agent Raygunn Smith and also co-created Cannibal Boy Private Investigation (CBPI) with Chuah. The newest Gilamon member, Tan Eng Huat is already an established artist in the international scenario working on high profile titles such as Batman, JLA, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider, The Punisher and Thor. Tan has collaborated with Lefty on his latest Major Zombie graphic novel, entitled Major Zombie, Love & Loss.

Lefty sharing his excitement about his work says, “Major Zombie: Love & Loss is a self-publish project. It is a labour of love as I did almost everything from writing both stories, designing the book (with the help of Michael Chuah on the cover), did all the desktop publishing artwork, lettering and coloring (Tan, God bless him, coloured his portion of the comics). The graphic novel is printed on environmental friendly soy ink”.

“My target audience is young adults who love comics like Hellboy, The Goon, Madman, Umbrella Academy; mangas such as Tekkon Kinkreet, Maiwai and Traumeister; cult-ish movies such as Shaun of the Dead, all Quentin Tarantino and Tim Burton's offerings so far.

I wish to have the book available in other parts of the country, if anyone from India and The Philippines are interested, kindly contact me at: . As an indie comics’ creator, I need all the support I can get”, Lefty asserts.

Lefty has also worked on both Liquid City vol1 & 2. The first story is entitled "For Love" (Liquid City vol1, 2008, Image Comics) and the second one is "The Way Back" (Liquid City vol2, 2010, Image Comics). He is currently developing a new supernatural series as well as a brand new Major Zombie comic which would have more Kung Fu and zombies!

Major Zombie: Love & Loss is currently available at all Kinokuniya outlets in Singapore and Malaysia. It is also available at GNB Comics and Prologue @Ion in Singapore. For the rest of the world, you could join Gilamon's Facebook group: The standard edition of the graphic novel is US10; the limited signed & numbered edition (limited to 200 copies only with individual sketches from Tan and Lefty) is US19. For more Major Zombie sample pages, please visit