MDA and Local Game Publishers Collaborate to Fuel Creation of Made-by-Singapore Games

By ANIMATION XPRES... | 3 July, 2009 - 14:05

SINGAPORE: Singapore's effort to build a sustainable ecosystem for the game industry gains momentum with a Call for Proposals (CFP) from four game publishers for innovative game products.Singapore: MDA and partners to invest in selected game proposals and expedite commercialisation

Singapore's effort to build a sustainable ecosystem for the game industry gains momentum with a Call for Proposals (CFP) from four game publishers for innovative game products.

Together with Activate Interactive, Garena Interactive, Infocomm Asia Holdings (IAH Games) and Mikoishi Pte Ltd, the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) is seeking game proposals which have the potential to be deployed and commercialised eventually on any of the four game publishers' platforms. The four publishing partners are committed to offer various facets of their capabilities to collaborate with companies or individuals that have outstanding concepts.

For a start, the four publishing partners will be supporting the local game developers with a combined offering of a 35 million user base and access to markets in more than 20 countries, which includes the United.States, Europe and Asia. In addition, the four publishing partners will help market the commercialised game products in these markets as well as provide technology and infrastructural support such as game engine and global sales and payment channels.

"Through the CFP, MDA hopes to develop high-value and exportable content and applications across multiple platforms. This will also strengthen Singapore's competitiveness in the creation, aggregation, distribution and commercialisation of innovative games in the region," said Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer of MDA.

Under this CFP, the publishing partners and MDA will invest in proposals that are approved by an evaluation panel.

"In support of MDA's effort, IAH Games will open up our resources for sharing with local developers of online games. We will test and host locally developed games on our infrastructure and distribute it across South East Asia to over 20 million registered gamers. We hope this can give good local developers a good start in reaching out to potential gamers," said Mr Roland Ong, CEO of IAH Games.

Another game publisher, Garena Interactive also expressed enthusiasm in the CFP. "Garena has millions of hardcore game players, a well managed gamer community and all major payment gateways in place. In addition, our Garena Cyber-café Alliance provides a channel for game developers to update gamers about good and interesting games," said Mr Forrest Li, CEO of Garena Interactive.

"The CFP provides opportunities for our game developers to commercialise their works. Significantly, it brings about a strong marketing network that will market our game creations to millions of gamers. By combining forces, we hope to see the game companies, small or medium-sized or even start-ups to come together to leverage on one another's capabilities to help reshape the game industry," said Michael Yap, Director of Interactive Media and Games, MDA.

Agreeing on the approach, Mr Leslie Wou, CEO of Activate Interactive said: "There are many promising game companies in Singapore. By joining forces to produce and distribute world-class games, we would achieve greater synergy and achieve unprecedented heights together."

Mikoishi, a popular home-grown name in the game industry is also eager to support.
"Mikoishi is committed to provide opportunities for companies and individuals who are interested to develop content and applications for iPhone and iPod platforms. Through our partnership with one of the world's largest producers of film and television entertainment, Mikoishi can provide local developers with substantial market reach and cross-media presence. Mikoishi's partnership also provides access to catalogue blockbuster film titles which new content and applications can be developed," said Mr Alex Goatcher, CCO of Mikoishi.

The CFP received positive vibes from the industry such as Nabi Studios.

Mr Gerald Tock, Director of Nabi Studios said: "Partnering under the right terms will enable us to focus on Intellectual Property development while being confident that our game reaches a critical mass of players. Definitely worth considering if you're expanding your portfolio of game titles."

Interested parties are welcomed to send in their proposals by 31 July 2009 on how they can develop innovative games through the use of these publishers' platforms or even their services.