Nubee to launch Coins Vs Zombies Summer and Coins Vs Aliens next month

By PARITA UPADHYAYA | 3 August, 2011 - 14:35

Nubee, an up-and-coming mobile entertainment provider in Singapore has recently launched several Smartphone games and plans to launch more games in the next half of the year. The most recent being new games for Android and iPhone namely Coins Vs Zombies Summer and Coins Vs Aliens. Players can expect to enjoy these 2 different coin-push games that will bring both fun and excitement through the thrilling jackpot challenges and addictive item drops and music.

Based on the widely-popular Coins VS Zombies, Coins VS Zombies Summer is double the fun and excitement. One can take absolute pleasure and satisfaction in shooting down funny zombies in leisurely holiday fashion-wear from straw hats to Hawaiian shorts, scuba masks and more! The silly, comedic expressions on the zombies’ faces are simply to die for. Coins VS Aliens is an alien game where whacky aliens have arrived on planet Earth for a kick-ass, smashing time. One can fight the funky, dancing aliens that have invaded the slot machine by shooting them with coins. There is crazy disco atmosphere accompanied with cool light effects and disco beat. There are 7 mysterious aliens and you can discover their special moves that are totally out-of-this-world.

Talking to AnimationXpress Asia Pacific June Low, Social Media Support Officer, Nubee said, “Coins Vs Zombies is gaining players with its innovative twist on the coin pusher genre. Prior to Coins Vs Zombies, Nubee has also released Coin Pirates, Candy Candie and Fortune Coins to cater to different demographics and similarly, they have received good AppStore reviews from these target markets.”

Apart from these two games Nubee has also launched, Japan Life – a Japanese-themed social, building simulation game on iOS and Android devices, in July 2011 and was ranked among the Top 25 in the Games Category in several countries. As the name suggested, Japan Life is packaged with a Japanese flair and ‘kawaii’ buildings and characters are the essence of the game. The delightful music and the adorable Monggi accompany the players throughout the game as the players build their cities. Responses to the game have been very encouraging with Wiki pages being created by Japanese fans, and Japan Life was featured in the Japanese AppStore as well as several Chinese sites; fans of Japan Life Facebook App Page are steadily increasing as well.


“With more and more fans, Nubee faces challenges in bringing more content at great quality within a short time frame. From the increasing demands of the game production, Nubee greets suggestions and welcome talents in the same way - with open arms. Established in Dec 2010, Nubee is slowly but surely gaining traction with more and more mobile entertainment in the pipeline, and is growing with familiarity and confidence in the industry”, June concluded.