Scrawl Studios & Planet Nemo to co-produce 2D series Paranormalia

By AMRITA VALECHA | 22 June, 2009 - 00:00

Singapore-based Scrawl Studios is co producing a 2D animation series titled Paranormalia with France-based Planet Nemo Animation. Scrawl will be leading the design and animation on the show, with Planet Nemo overseeing the writing and script development in general. The 52 x 11 series is budgeted at approximately USD 5 million.

Currently in its pre-production stage, the companies are aiming to bring a full bible and script, as well as a short pilot, to MIPCOM October 09 seeking international pre-sales this year. This adventure comedy series is targeted at kids aged 8-12 years.

Talking to AnimationXpress APAC, Seng Choon Meng, Chief Exective Officer, Scrawl Studios said, "We are very delighted to be joining forces with Planet Nemo again. Paranomalia is our second collaboration with them.It is the tale of another furry creature but with an altogether different temperament! Plus no one's really done a Wereboy before, so that's a lot of fun too. The visual style of Paranormalia is a combination of sleek, graphic characters with a unique visual tone that reflects the duality of the main character. It's definitely skewed more towards the North American and European markets."

Paranormalia is a tale of a cursed and timid wolf called Hunter who transforms into a hyperactive 12-year old (every time the sun rises) ready to wreck havoc and generally just get into trouble. Hunter thus spends his days among the humans in a bizarre world that is hard for him to understand but at the same time, a wild and crazy playground for the untamed boy inside of him to revel in as he goes about his ultimate objective: to find a cure for himself and if possible, the boy who bit him in the first place.

Frédéric Puech, President of Planet Nemo, adds, "Paranormalia is a classic concept which has been given a contemporary and original twist. I also think there's a little bit of Hunter in every 8 to 12- year old boy and the chaos that can cause is going to give us plenty of great material to work with."

Other than Paranormalia, Scrawl Studios is also co-producing their next project, Silly Bitty Bunny with Planet Nemo and Canada-based Carpe Diem. It is a pre-school series, 78 x 3.5' minutes, about life's 'first times' seen from the eyes of a little rabbit. It's already been pre-sold to Tiji in France and the companies are currently exploring North American and Asian broadcast interest.

Speaking about Scrawl's other projects, Choon Meng added, "We've just completed a delivery of an original series, Clang Invasion (52 x 11' episodes) to YTV in Canada. The show, co-produced with Decode Entertainment, is expected to premiere in fall this year. In addition, we're delivering Series 2 of our original series, the New Adventures of Nanoboy, to Starz Media in the US, and that's keeping us buzzing as well."