SixInchSpace, Singapore & Key Asylum Inc, US launch VOD service, Egg Up

By AMRITA VALECHA | 11 February, 2011 - 13:16

Singapore’s SixInchSpace (SIS) has recently launched an all new video distribution platform called ‘Egg Up’ in association with US’ Key Asylum Inc. The main objective of EggUp is giving a platform for filmmakers and film distributors who control quality indie, foreign and alternative films to have an alternative self distribution model that prevents piracy while generating income instantly.

Now every filmmaker can distribute their film through EggUp and instantly get paid for every purchase.

Talking to AnimationXpress Asia Pacific, Anand Kannan from SIS shared, “That the main stream distribution model is flawed. Jon of Eggup, who is one of the founder, came to realizing this when one of his friends who borrowed USD$300,000.00 to making an indie film only to find out that it was pirated in post-production. Everything we do we BELIEVE in challenging the status quo. We BELIEVE in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo, is by having a clean design, simple to use and user friendly product. We happen to have a fantastic product and would like to share it with all who believe in change.”

Talking about how different Egg up is from other distribution platforms, Chris & Jon from EggUp shared, “Many of the other platforms have no piracy prevention since their main focus is consumers marketplace. Our primary focus is the filmmakers and distributors. Other platforms screen the content before being accepted. We don’t discriminate any legal content. Films are automatically accepted. Get paid instantly vs. other platforms average 3 – 6 months to get paid. Consumer piracy and sharing habits are converted into consumer transactional habits. They now can share the Eggs with friends and family but they would still need to purchase to see the full movie. This creates indirect sales and monetize from viral. Video quality is 720p – 1080p with no internet vs. streaming 480p needing internet to watch with other platforms.”

Chris added, “Eggup provides marketing tools that you are able to embed or promote on other sites to increase sales. This creates multiple distribution channels for consumers to discover and purchase. Vs. other platforms consumers will need to go to distribution platform site to purchase.”

So how does one register to use this new platform? The first step for every producer to register is to go on and request for an invite by mailing all his details to [email protected]. Once you have registered on EggUp, you also need to have a PayPal business account so the filmmakers can get paid directly as well as Vimeo to upload their trailers. The producer needs to install software, called Fried Rice to upload his videos that will be encrypted into a secured file called an “Egg”. One can link their Egg pages to their website, facebook and other social media.

All the films are available on, which is the general consumer site of EggUp. Once the Egg is uploaded via Fried Rice, consumers can search and discover Eggs (films) on the The viewers can check out the trailers of as many eggs they want, and can purchase and download the full movie of their choice by clicking ‘watch movie’. When purchasing an Egg there’s an automatic installation of the Egg Player and it downloads the egg you have clicked.

The producer also have several pricing options for their movie. They can set it up as a rental or purchase (From 0.99 cents to 999.00 $). The revenue would be shared after deducting the charges of PayPal Mircopayment (5% + $0.05 US) any other levies as per Paypal rules and tech charges which is 15% along with SIS’s commission of 10-15%. On an average, the content owner will get 60% – 70% as revenue instantly.

Egg Up gives an opportunity to the producer for multiple streams of income like
- Embed and sell digital downloads (Eggs) directly on filmmakers website
- Embed your digital downloads (Eggs) and sell into other 3rd party sites and blogs
- Viewers are able to purchase through the consumer site
- Viewers sharing encrypted Egg with others while you are able to generate revenue per purchase.

“At this current time, we are developing the iPhone application and iPad application. Once that is completed, we will announce the business revenue model.” Shared Anand.

Egg Up team is also promoting and marketing the content to viewers on their site and on third party sites. Speaking on the same, Anand Kannan shared, “Currently we are focusing our marketing at filmmakers, content creators, studios and distributors. We are partnering or sponsoring several film festivals. PR campaigns with magazines and blogs targeting tech, agencies and film markets. Educating the filmmakers how to use our marketing tools to reach their audience. Partnership with telco companies to offer Eggup’s Eggs to their huge customer database. Partnerships with streaming service sites to offer encrypted downloads to their audience database with our platform.”

Talking about how it would help the animation producers-small & big time fellows, Anand shared, “Animation producers are able to sell their films safely by embedding their Eggs into animation blogs and online magazines. Reach broader and niche consumer markets by collaborating with other businesses that share the same consumer market and vision.  Promote your Eggs in your facebook account to reach your current fanbase and encourage them to share the link and the Egg. Upload your Eggs into Peer2Peer piracy sites since it’s encrypted. The pirates are able to download it but they would still need to purchase it after watching the trailer.”