DLE secures a cross-border IP co-ownership deal with Vithita Animation

By AMRITA VALECHA | 31 October, 2011 - 15:35

DLE – Dream Link Entertainment of Japan signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with  Vithita Animation of Thailand to jointly own Vithita’s signature content “Chicken Break.”  DLE  plans to produce its first smartphone game application in Thailand  with the “Chicken Break” title by Spring 2012.  This is one of DLE’s recent cross-collaboration efforts in content  business development between Japan and Thailand.

Dujruedee Buranakan, Broadcast& Licensing Manager, Vithita Animation shared, "We work very closely. DLE could encourage and enhance our knowledge and enthusiast to further international developing step since we share the IP co- ownership. We are at the initial status to brainstorm the whole concept since we plan to penetrate the market from the game application both android and IOS.We have talked to the game producer and distributor. They are very keen on it since this project has got an excellent award from Asia Animation Award 2009"

As Japan's top IP/content producer, DLE is recognized not only as the hip studio behind countless  animation and live action TV shows and films (including animated comedy phenomenon "Eagle Talon")  but also as the most original business solution provider based in Asia.  With an impressive track record that spans Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and now North America, DLE currently provides successful business solutions to its global partners in the TV, film, merchandising, internet, advertising, rail, sports and independent business communities. DLE secures a cross-border IP co-ownership deal with Vithita Animation of Thailand.