Produced by : Animonsta Studios Sdn. Bhd.

Current Status : In Production

Deals in place : Malaysian Television Broadcast & DVD Distribution

Looking for : International Distribution (Pay TV, Free TV, DVD, mobile, online, etc.) and Licensees

Format : 3D Animation for HDTV, DVD & VCD

Duration : 26 x 11 mins

An adventure of a group of super kids who fight against Aliens who have invaded earth for coffee.

In the future, caffeine addicted Aliens have arrived on Earth in order to co-exist and harvest the world's coffee supply. Seeing this, a sinister Triangle-headed Alien Emperor plans to conquer the universe by invading Earth to control the coffee trade route. Now Earth's hope to defend itself lies within BoBoiBoy who wears a special cap that gives him powers to control earth, wind and lightning. Join BoBoiBoy and his super friends Yaya, Ying and Gopal as they battle against aliens, monsters and robots sent by the Trianglien Empire bringing over the top super hero action mixed with hilarious comedy and good values.

Contact person & details: Muhammad Anas Abdul Aziz, Co - Founder | Creative Director, Email: [email protected], Web: