Monster Capture

Produced by : Vividthree

Current Status : Pilot completed

Deals in place : Negotiating

Looking for : Investor and co-producing partners

Format : 3D Animation / Action Adventure

Duration : 52 eps x 11mins

Long ago, there are worlds existed beyond our imagination. Afar from our Mortal World of living, there are the Celestial Realm and the Nether World.

Diabolical General Blaze plot to take over the world and fierce battle broke out between armies of the Celestial World and Nether World. Leaving Demon King and Celestial Princess with no choice but to fused their unborn baby soul into the Azura Pearl and send it down to the mortal world. Adventure begins when Nicky needs to gather the broken pieces to re-unite the 7 missing pieces in order to save the 3 worlds.

But more than meets the eye, having the pearls is not everything. Nicky will need to fight with wisdom, faith and love to realize the power of the Azura pearl. Nothing beat the power of love and faith!

Contact person & details: Charles Yeo, Email: [email protected]