LucasArts Singapore

LucasArts Singapore is an extension of LucasArts in the US -- a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software worldwide for video game console systems, computers and the Internet. The Singapore team focuses and handheld, mobile, and console games. Several recent projects include Star Wars™ The Clone Wars™: Jedi Alliance™, Star Wars™ The Clone Wars™: Republic Heroes™ games for the Nintendo DS platform. The team also worked on The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition™ for the iPhone, iPhone Touch, Xbox LIVE and Playstation 3 as well as work on The Force Unleashed II.

We are currently hiring for:
Art Lead
Senior FX Artist
Senior Game Designer
Senior Software Engineer (Multiplayer)
Studio Creative Director

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Art Lead
The Art Lead is responsible for the overall visual look of a project on multiple platforms, and coordinating and supervising the efforts of artists to achieve the highest artistic quality. The Art Lead oversees the work of concept artists, character artists, environment artists, animators, FX artists, and UI designers and makes sure it all cohesively fits into visually compelling games. The Art Lead will work closely with multiple Producers and Technical Directors at defining art schedules, quality art milestone deliverables, and works with internal Leads on establishing standard procedures and expectations.

•    Establishing visual direction of developed projects.
•    Supervision and guidance of all artists, including risk analysis, task assignment, Art Design Requirements etc.
•    Work with the Producers / Technical Directors to schedule and track centralized art efforts.
•    Meet project deadlines / milestones as set by studio.
•    Mentor artists in best practices / processes.
•    Active due diligence review of development teams for art quality standards.
•    Active review of game milestone deliveries across multiple projects for art quality standards.
•    Assist / oversee outsource initiatives if needed.

•    6+ years experience in the creation and delivery of state-of-the-art, performance-minded games required.
•    Two AAA in-game credits as Art Lead
•    Proven project management skills required.
•    Ability to work independently and to be self-directing.
•    Excellent team and communication skills required.
•    BFA preferred.
•    A passion for gaming required.
•    Prior experience leading a team of artists is a must.
•    A significant contribution as an Art Lead/Director on at least two games strongly preferred.
•    Excel as a team player and strive to maximize team / department performance
•    Demonstrated ability to supervise the work of a creative team.
•    Good overall understanding of 3D computer graphics (modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering)
•    Good understanding of different Art Tools (Photoshop, Z-Brush, Maya etc.)
•    Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.
•    Ability to prioritize one's own tasks and tasks of others.
•    Outstanding coaching and motivational skills
•    Must be responsive to deadlines and work well under pressure.
•    Demonstrated ability to mentor less experienced artists.

Senior FX Artist
The Senior FX Artist will design, and create visual effects which can include such elements for both environment, character, in game actions and graphic interfaces for a variety of gaming platforms.

•    Designs; creates images, elements; effects in line with the art direction set for the Project.
•    Assists on coding; providing support; documentation for tools created.
•    Solid understanding of Maya to be used for particle systems, fields, expressions, MEL scripts, soft bodies, rigid bodies, cloth dynamics ; particle instancing/flocking.
•    Creatively solve problems ; work with other departments to achieve goals of art direction.
•    Solve major and minor problems independently
•    Strong ability for communication with colleagues and production
•    Strong artistic vision ; ability to be creative.
•    Strong sense of design ; composition.
•    Strong understanding of Animation ; how things should look, feel ; move.
•    Some experience writing scripts and/or programming is preferred.
•    Ability to multi-task.
•    Prioritize tasks.
•    Work on tasks independently and efficiently.
•    Patient, willing to answer questions ; mentor other artists.
•    Stays abreast of current technologies ; attempt to implement them effectively.

•    Must have ingame VFX creation experience, having completed several game development cycles and have worked on shipped titles.
•    4-5 years of experience involving simulations of natural phenomenon, particle systems, procedural modeling, procedural animation, hard and soft body dynamics and other similar effects.
•    Experience with high end 3D software - Maya preferred.
•    An understanding of art asset creation for game development
•    Must have strong visual and technical skills.
•    Ability to work collaboratively in a high-end software and production environment.
•    Experience in scripting (MEL, Python) and/or programming is necessary.
•    An understanding of physical dynamics and natural phenomena is key.

Senior Game Designer
The Senior Game Designer collaborates with the Lead Designer, design team and other team members to conceptualize, document and implement detailed game design throughout the project cycle.
•    Collaborate with Lead Designer and design team to develop core concepts, game systems, and game content.
•    Contribute substantially and decisively to the evolution of the game design from initial documentation through testing.
•    Conceptualize, create and maintain detailed game design documentation throughout the project cycle.
•    Aggressively prototype and iterate on core game mechanics.
•    Evolve ideas in conjunction with a team, explain those concepts in complete detail, and ensure that the design vision adapts to and survives the development process.
•    Create and implement superior game-play levels, encounters and experiences.
•    Make and communicate practical design compromises to ensure that the project is viable and successful as a retail product.
•    Develop and implement positive changes to the game based on feedback from QA, Consumer Insights, senior staff members, and others.
•    Balance and adjust game-play experiences to ensure the product's critical and commercial success.
•    Provide timely updates and documented closes to the bug database.
•    Actively resolve priority bugs and implement tuning and polish.
•    Exercise initiative and excellent judgment.
•    Remain current on industry trends and techniques in game design.
•    Demonstrate commitment to creative collaboration in a time-sensitive environment.
•    Conduct research on concepts as necessary.

•    Bachelor's degree in related field or equivalent training preferred.
•    One title and 2-3+ years professional experience building game content and/or systems.
•    Passion for interactive computer/video games.
•    Demonstrable success in creating compelling (fun, commercially viable, and critically-acclaimed) game-play, scenarios, activities, and encounters.
•    Excellent creativity and demonstrated ability to generate innovative concepts, mechanics, and ideas.
•    An understanding of major elements of game design including, story, dialog, interface, character interaction, mission /environment design, look and feel, AI, combat, strategy game-flow, balance and difficulty.
•    Ability to productively discuss, make decisions, and communicate ideas in a wide variety of aesthetic areas (art, sound, voice, story, gameplay etc.).
•    Related technical skills, such as some background in use of game editors, scripting/programming and/or 3D tools.
•    Excellent creative writing ability.
•    Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
•    Previous experience as Level Designer or Designer preferred.

Senior Software Engineer (Multiplayer)

The Senior Software Engineer is responsible to develop software for games or technologies in support of game development.
•    Provide engineering expertise to develop games or technologies in support of games. This may include design, authoring, adapting, maintaining, profiling, debugging, documenting, and support of tools and portions of in-game systems.
•    Provide a task list and schedule for work assigned. These should be complete and reasonably accurate. Inform others when assigned work on the schedule is at risk.
•    Work with artists, level designers, programmers and other team members that define and implement task details.
•    Ability to work independently but seeks help when needed.
•    Participate in the sharing of ideas and exploration of new practices to continually improve the quality of software development for the Company.
•    Maintain a professional attitude during all stages of development.
•    Excel as a team member and strive to maximize team and departmental performance.

•    Must have at least 6+ years of professional engineering experience.
•    Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent training and professional experience.
•    Experience in object-oriented design and implementation.
•    Demonstrated knowledge of good software engineering practices.
•    Excellent level of proficiency with C++ (Visual C++ highly recommended).
•    Understanding of memory management, multiple processor use, and runtime optimization.
•    Experience in one or more of the following areas: Tools Development, Physics, Graphics, VFX, Gameplay, Networking, Audio
•    Experience with console development is a plus
•    Experience with assembler (MIPS, VU Code), scripting languages (Perl, Python, Lua) and interpreted languages (C#, Java) is a plus
•    Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
•    Excellent detail-oriented, problem solving skills. Candidate must be able to quickly identify issues and resolve them.
•    Project management skills demonstrated by the ability to define tasks in a well organized manner, based on proper resource and time management.
•    Ability to work in a dynamic and collaborative team environment.
•    Excellent decision making capabilities.
•    Ability to quickly learn and apply new concepts, principles and solutions.
•    Demonstrates dependability and commitment to projects/tasks.

Studio Creative Director

The Creative Director plays a key role in the company. Under the supervision of the President of LucasArts and in collaboration with external developers or internal creative teams, the Director must define the global vision of the game/franchise and make sure to maintain this vision through its realization. As a vision keeper, he also has the responsibility to validate the integrity of the content as well as the general quality of the product during the production process.
•    Direct the tone and timber of the project with an eye towards compelling character development, visionary narrative progression, and addictive gameplay.
•    Bridge the gap between storytelling and the interactive experience.
•    Collaborate with game play designers, story writers, game writers, and said external luminary to deliver on a unique game for all current and future Lucas franchises
•    Set clear creative goals and deliverables; lead and focus efforts across the design team to ensure a cohesive experience across the game.
•    Anticipate threats to quality and innovation and work effectively with the team leads to mitigate.
•    Build and maintain a collaborative relationship with Art, Dev, Audio, and Production that ensures a best-in-industry production process.

•    Creative.
•    8-10 years of significant experience in the video game industry.
•    Deep experience working on AAA console titles as Design or Creative Director - at least 2 shipped titles from concept to shelf in either role.
•    Experience with various game genres combined with a passion for character and story development.
•    Ability to shepherd non-creative groups through the creative process; ability to hold a strong creative vision while also keeping that vision agile.
•    A master-level understanding of cinematic and storytelling technique.
•    Capable of providing focused and inspiring creative leadership.
•    Outstanding verbal and written communication skills.
•    Ability to produce articulate design documentation detailing innovative gameplay mechanics, control systems, interface design, and asset inventories.
•    Passion for the industry and an understanding of market trends and styles.
•    Willing to accept and provide direction, work well under pressure, and handle multiple tasks.
•    Ability to work well within a team environment working closely with engineers, artists, and team management.
•    A 25,000+ gamerscore.