Indonesia based Altermyth delivers mobile game app for Lifebouy

By AMRITA VALECHA | 17 September, 2009 - 16:47

Indonesia based Altermyth studio, a Digital Content provider recently delivered a mobile game application for its client Lifebouy soap called Lifebuoy Mobile Clinic as a part of one of its advertising campaign playing an important role in viral marketing.

This game can be downloaded from

Talking to AnimationXpress Asia Pacific, Rizky W E, Altermyth said, "Lifebuoy Mobile Clinic is designed as an Avatar and community game along with series of mini games. The player creates his/her own avatar and then collects the suits and accessories to dress them up by playing minigames and interaction with other players who has the same application. Later they can submit their avatar to the website for contest."

This game features several mini games, on each minigames you can submit your high score to the website and compete with other players. There are also time based games which require you to clean your avatar face once every 12 hours or they'll get acne. Each mini games consist various levels between 3 to 6. The game is available on two applications for the male and female avatar and the complete production was done in 2 months at Altermyth studio.

The games are free for download in Indonesian region and are targeted at teenagers from 12 to 18 years. The language used in this game is Indonesian and to activate this game one needs a code number that is written on the package of Lifebuoy clear skin product which is available only in Indonesia.

Talking about Altermyth he added, "Currently we have 3 programmer divisions working separately, one for mobile game, one for flash game and the last one for C++ games. Our last work which are already published include Bentoel viral quiz for facebook application, the A Mild series choose a choice and drop box for A mild website and two mobile games for cell phone esia application."