Emobi Games, Vietnam developing PC Game ‘7554’ for November 2011 Release

By FARHATNAZ ANSARI | 26 April, 2011 - 14:49

Vietnam based studio, Emobi Games JSC is developing a first person shooting PC game called ‘7554’. The game talks about the war of resistance carried out by the Vietnamese people against Colonial power for nine years (1945-1954).  7554 is short-term of DienBienPhu victory day (7 May 1954). Currently 24 people are working on the game and targeted release is November 2011.

Speaking to AnimationXpress Asia Pacific, Nguy?n Tu?n Huy, Founder, Emobi Games shares, “In Vietnam, when we started this project in 2008 nobody believed that Vietnam can make video games. It was like an impossible mission. We find the gaming industry interesting as it always has challenges.  And if you make a good game, you bring fun to the people. Finally, like other Vietnamese, we really want to see a Vietnamese game that talks about Vietnam and is based on Vietnam’s story”.

Nguy?n Tu?n Huy has been a software developer since 1995 with some project management experience. But he has never done any game projects before ‘7554’. “It’s our first project. So we are just developing it for PC. If we have more time, more money, we will port it to XBOX and PS3 as well. It has taken so long to develop because we started without knowledge and experience. But with my current team I think we would just have taken half the time”, he adds.

The studio is focusing to publish the game in Vietnam. Besides that, they are open to publish it in other countries that they can.

“We are a small team for this “crazy” project. And all of us have many different roles to play.  Like i’m the game writer, the game designer, sometimes coder, and of course, I’m the producer and project manager”.

The studio plans to release the new trailer of 7554 next month.