Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2011 slated for 16- 25 September 2011

By PARITA UPADHYAYA | 23 August, 2011 - 12:22

There will be a lot of conferences, forums and master class held during this event highlighting the delights of national and international design, from architecture to interiors, graphics and product design, across Kuala Lumpur. The event aims to find people with the passion and skill to help Malaysia make an impression on the global stage in terms of design. Over the course of the week, events will take place in several venues across the city.

This event serves as a perfect networking place for the design community and in the past it has created a pathway for regional designers into the international arena. In addition, this event will provide an opportunity for the creative communities to get to know their industry better and gain an insight scoop of what’s happening within the global design community.

Focusing on conferences and workshops, there are conferences over the span of 3 days from September 16 until 18 September 2011, where the eminent designers from all around the globe will share their expertise and experience to deconstruct and discuss the global design scene. The speakers will reveal and discuss the distinctive features such as metamorphosis of culture, art and design history as well as its pure aesthetics as well as present and share their work, knowledge and skills.

These sessions will be conducted through a series of lecture programs to provide the audience with a deeper insight and understanding into different aspects of design including a question and answer session at the end of the lecture. The Conferences includes; Offering an exclusive insight, advice and lectures by a photographic professionals graduated from the World’s Finest and Prestigious Art and Design Institutions like St. Martin (UK) & Art Center (USA) and other renowned Regional Universities and Colleges.

Passes for colloquiums, conferences and master classes are available for sale now. You can download registration forms and Purchase online passes from official website http://www.kldesignweek.com/