Sherman3D launches new game; Alpha Kimori

By FARHATNAZ ANSARI | 19 September, 2011 - 11:15

Malaysian based Indie game development company Sherman3D is all ready with its new game Alpha Kimori. The gameplay of Alpha Kimori Great Doubt Episode One is very much like a classic 2D Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG). The focus of the game is on the story so people can play like an interactive novel.

The main attraction of Alpha Kimori would be the storyline. Alpha Kimori has a very intricate plot that starts out focusing on the characters so that the players care for them. It slowly builds up to an epic adventure that will affect the entire world. It is based on the underlying Great Doubt philosophy, which is in turn inspired by the Japanese Zen and Chinese Tao philosophies. The story of Alpha Kimori is a metaphor of what is happening in our real world today. It tells the story of two opposing forces but the lines are not so clear cut. Both are dependent on each other and there are always shades of gray. Alpha Kimori is presented with simple anime inspired graphics so that it is easy to get into despite its complex storyline. As such, it is accessible even to those who would prefer not to contemplate its metaphoric connotations of Yin and Yang.

Alpha Kimori Great Doubt Episode One is currently only available for the PC platform but soon to be seen on more platforms. The intellectual property rights of Alpha Kimori completely belongs to  Sherman3D and they plan to eventually work on the comic, animation and perhaps even a real-life movie trilogy based on it. They would also be making other games using the same characters, environment and storyline to build upon the Alpha Kimori world that they have created. They even plan to finish the development of Alpha Kimori Episodes Two and Three, tentatively named "No Need For Great Doubt" and "Great Doubt Trinity".

Talking to AnimationXpress Asia Pacific when asked about the process of development of the game Sherman Chin, Chief Information Officer said that, “We spent 5 years working on Alpha Kimori from story conceptualization to actual game engine implementation. Alpha Kimori has been a work of passion for us. We worked on Alpha Kimori even while we were working on other projects that kept our company going.”

Alpha Kimori has a theme song sung by the popular Japanese synthesized voice idol, Hatsune Miku, composed by Yossy of Studio Misty Japan. The in-game music is created by Kris Finnerty from New Zealand and Adam Harvey from England. The feel is upbeat and bright with a serious underlying tone that is conveyed through rosy glasses, which will be eventually taken off.

Big Fish Games has a one week exclusive deal to distribute Alpha Kimori before the rest of the distributors. Alpha Kimori had its first official review by Gamezebo with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars and is titled, "Alpha Kimori: Great Doubt is an excellent, thought-provoking RPG." They also have had overwhelmingly postive responses from users on our website, Big Fish Games, and GameHouse.

For free demo of the game can be download it from