Asian youth Animation and Comic Contest (AYACC) - Calling for entries

By AMRITA VALECHA | 4 June, 2010 - 14:26

Asia-Pacific Animation & Comics Association (APACA) along with the government is organizing Asian youth Animation and Comic Contest (AYACC) for the fourth time on 6th August to 8th August 2010 in Guiyang, China and it is now calling for entries. AYACC is regarded as one of the most important international animation and comics events in China. The annual AYACC event has been successfully held for three years, expanding in scope and participation each year. It has become a cultural brand of the hosting city and promotes the animation industry in Guizhou, as well as China, and the entire Asian-Pacific region.

The last date of submission is 15th June 2010. Asia-Pacific Animation & Comics Association is a professional association formed by relevant professional associations, organizations and well-known animation and comic artists from the Asia-Pacific region. The 56 APACA experts and members are from 28 countries and regions.

Talking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific, Liuyi Wang, General Secretary, AYACC shared, "AYACC aims for international professional achievement and value for all participants and audiences at home and abroad. AYACC is building its brand and exerting more influence year by year with coordination and cooperation from our partners and friends. We try to show the rich and diversified animation and comic works created by different countries so as to inspire the young talent's imagination and aspiration. We want to combine globalization with localization of animation and comic arts on our platform in order to enhance the exchange and cooperation among the participants. It is our wish that everyone finds good opportunities and value in our event. We place great hope on the young generation. May our event pave the way for your development, your dream can come to true in the coming year!"

AYACC is calling for entries for Best animation (Students & Professionals), Best Comics Strips and Best Scientific animation. One can download the form from

Talking about the Scientific animation category, Wang continued, "We are proud to say that AYACC has established an international Scientific Animation and International Animation Summer Camp as well as Asian-Pacific Animation and Comics Exchange Center in the city of Guiyang with the professional support of APACA and it's international partners and associates. The event honored the extraordinary imagination and creativity of those transposing scientific concepts and conclusions into renderings of reality that reflect our unseen world."

"An international jury from the field's American pioneers and cutting edge producers of today's advanced 3D scientific imaging met with Chinese counterparts in related fields with an eye on the future, as scientific animation will grow exponentially in the 21st Century to serve medical, technological, mechanical industries and all areas of science, from micro and macro physics to biodiversity and astro-exploration."

AYACC has the following in store for its audience.

AYACC Masters Forum
It will invite more than ten famous animation and cartoon artists to present at the forum.

Young Artist's Forum
4 to 6 representatives of AYACC winners of previous 3 editions will share their achievements and success stories in order to inspire the young artists.

Screening and Exhibition
Different styles of awarded animation shorts from more than 30 counties will be screened in Guiyang. At the same time, the event will hold an exhibition to display the work of the finalists of AYACC as well as the art works of masters from more than 45 countries. This year AYACC will have a special cartoon show on the theme of water.

Award Ceremony
The jury members and officials will deliver the prizes and trophies to the winners of 2010 AYACC at the award ceremony.

Animation & Comics Copyright Expo
At 2010 AYACC, the organizing committee will hold a special copyright panel in order to promote Chinese original and co-production animation to the world. Wang said, "It is our honor to coordinate with several experienced copyright experts and buyers that could be interested in Chinese animations and/or could provide useful advice and comments for producers of Chinese animations or Asian animations at large."

Wang added, "We would like to take advantage of AYACC to invite the Chinese and Asian production communities, universities and colleges to submit projects to us for pre-selection. These projects should have international market potentials - more criteria can be set at the time of sending such a letter to producers. So three things are equally important to make this forum a success: to have qualified panelists who can provide sound and useful advice to the Chinese and Asian industry, to have quality projects pre-selected and to have producers who know how to present the projects and to set up this panel at AYACC with the support of partners at home and abroad annually as so to improve and strengthen this panel."