Gobelins to organize Int. Summer School; Masterclass by DreamWorks’ Pierre Perfel in HK

By AMRITA VALECHA | 28 March, 2011 - 16:45

GOBELINS is all set to organize for the fifth time an international summer school, an intensive course in character animation for experienced animators, both students and professionals from around the world to gain better understanding of what makes successful characters. The course runs in Paris from July 2nd to July 16th, 2010.

The 2010 program "Character Animation" will offer master classes and workshop activities with instructors who teach at GOBELINS, including animation professor Fred Nagorny who has taught many animation professionals, as well as Kyle Balda, 3D animator who has in the past worked for ILM and Pixar before moving to Europe where has worked mainly for Mac Guff. Also,former DreamWorks animator Alexandre Heboyan (KUNG FU PANDA, MONSTERS VS. ALIENS), now directing an animation feature film in France, will also share his tips on acting and performance in character animation. They will be joined by Kristof Serrand of DreamWorks, and Louis Clichy who recently returned to France after working on RATATOUILLE and UP at Pixar.

For the same, Gobelin is organizing a master class in Hong Kong with DreamWorks animator Pierre Perifel (Annie Award winner) and the celebrated mime artist Robert Bennett from March 25 to 27 as part of the Animation Lab of the 16th Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Awards festival (www.ifva.com).

The focus at Gobelins, and also for the master classes, is character animation with emphasis on quality of movement and performance, or acting. Everything must be at the service of pleasing the eye of the spectator, but above all at the service of the story. But we also do master classes in visual development, character and background design, storyboard, you name it.

For the master class at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, the public is composed of professional animators as well as animation teachers. Because of the government subsidy for the arts centre, the cost per participant is $HK 950.