Turner Asia Pacific set to unleash a full slate of formats & finished series for syndication at MIPTV

By ANIMATION XPRES... | 4 April, 2011 - 10:43

The spotlight is set to shine on Asia Pacific at MIPTV this year as Turner Broadcasting serves up a full slate of dynamic original productions; including formats and finished series from across the region – all available for syndication and format rights.

On site at Turner’s MIPTV stand (R28.02) to talk about the entertainment line up will be Rick Fernandes, an Emmy award-winning executive producer who oversees original production and development for Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific.

Mr. Fernandes said, “Asia Pacific is emerging as a hotbed for original content and Turner continues to invest in the development of live action series such as I’m Real; formats that include M.A.D; and animation like Roll No. 21. It’s encouraging to see Turner’s locally produced entertainment from this region being recognized on the global content stage.”

Grace Chan, Executive Director, Turner Content Solutions said, “We have a diverse and compelling library of content solutions on offer this year and we’ve already received a lot of interest from buyers in the lead up to MIPTV, particularly in our live action series such as Falling Skies, Yes, Chef! and our kids’ animated series.”

Turner’s content available for syndication at MIPTV this year includes :

Music, Art, Dance, aka M.A.D., is a fun-filled, interactive, creative journey, transforming ordinary materials into stimulating works of art - with a twist. Armed with simple art tools like a pencil, paintbrush, paints and paper, host Rob goes into over-drive on a colourful, creative joyride to explore a world of possibilities through art; fuelled on by a mash of music and dance.

Ever wanted to know whether a frog is stickier than a toad? We’ve got it covered. Worried that you’ll get wetter if you run through the rain rather than walk? We’ll test it for you. Welcome to FAQ, where all your questions are answered, in the messiest and silliest ways possible. FAQ’s team of energetic, mad scientists rush around prodding, boiling, blowing things up and freezing stuff until the job is done.

I’m Real
I’m Real follows on from series one, where three of Korea’s favourite personalities open-up to the public about the intimate details of their lives as they travel to their favorite destination. These Korean sweethearts are Shin Sae Kyung, Yoon Hee Cho and Joong Ki Song. The viewing is captivating and is enhanced in HD.

Roll No. 21
Kansa, the evil king of Mathura, returns to Earth as Kanishk to finally conquer and reign supreme over the land. Masking his cruel intentions under the disguise of a great humanitarian and principal of a school for orphans, the gods must act quickly before he assembles a zombie army to use in his quest. They send beloved blue boy Krishna to Mathura, as Kris, a student of the school. It’s battle time again: Kanishk V Kris. May the best man win!

Arjun and the Adventures of the Ice Lotus
Four prince warriors from a mythical land in ancient India set out in search of the Ice Lotus in the realm of Pataal, ruled by a demon god. What follows is an adventurous journey where the young heroes fight demons, save innocent lives, make new friends and in the process learn the virtues of life.

Balla Bowl
Sachin eats, sleeps and breathes cricket. His only dream is winning for his school in the district tournaments; the biggest cricket championship in the city. Facing opposition from his father, and a school which doesn’t support sport, he gathers a motley bunch of kids with their own aspirations and problems, who work as a team to emerge as winners not only in the game of cricket, but also in life.