Scratch comics to release 'Deadweight'

By AMRITA VALECHA | 19 January, 2010 - 15:25

MANILA: Manila based Scratch Comics, which recently released their first issue of Zombies comics series, "Bring Out Your Dead" at Komikon 2009, is all set to release their second issue 'Deadweight' in Feb at the UPLP Komiks Trip in the University of the Philippines.

Scratch Comics will release 1000 copies of the 24 pager second issue priced at PHP 70 and the same will be available at Metro Manila, Sputnik and Comic Odyssey. Scratch Comics is the publisher as well as the distributor of the comics.

Talking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific about the comic Kevin Ang, one of the three founders of Scratch Comics shared, "The comic, Zombies in Manila, follows a black and white nitty-gritty style, drawing influences from low-quality zombie films in which everything feels frantic and dangerous. The first issue was done in complete high-contrast- where only black and white was used. The second issue adds more grey tones in attempt to give it that gritty video feel. The writer and artist is me, Although Jean Pe, who is also one of the founders will be writing and drawing a comic-relief ministory at the end. Additionally, we will be inviting guest writers and artists as well. Lyndon Gregorio (Beerkada) is one of those who has agreed to write a short comic for us.

The company is founded by three students which is dedicated to providing original, daring and entertaining stories through artistic means. "The comic was thought up of quickly, in the Metro Manila Comicon as a passing idea, but we decided to seriously build on it and on Scratch Comics. We had tried it out before, back in 2007 with our first comic The Campus Adventures of Sam and Flarry. But we were new and it did not lead far. This time though, we decided to try again with a more solid storyline and more experience and determination to make it through. The result is that Zombies in Manila is doing far better, and we are working hard to get more possible stories out there. Me and Jean Pe are artists, while Aaron Lim handles most managerial and organizational efforts. We also have several contributors from several sources, one of which created our website. Other artists are also about to join us once we complete enough additional stories and scripts for them to work on." He shared.

"There was some great positive response from readers. We got emails and comments in our Facebook Group page. Some mentioned how glad they were to have a local rendition of the Zombies craze. More or less we were just there to get good story and art out there for fans to enjoy. We personally made an initial 80 copies for the 2009 Komikon. It was sold out halfway through the event and we were forced to revert to taking orders and reservations for a second print. Komikon was a great way to debut the comics, the yearly event is by far the largest for the Filipino comic community."

Talking about why the comics is based on Zombies, he shared, "Well I was trying to find a good, fictional setting to tell a story. It had to reflect the atmosphere of the Philippines, but the main focus was to get a good story that blended well with a great idea rather than the other way around. Then I thought of Zombies, which are all the rage in the west at the moment. But as far as the local industry was concerned, zombies barely made an appearance in any medium, not just comics. It had me thinking how different a Zombie infection would be in a place like the Philippines in comparison to the usual settings such as America or UK. It also got me thinking of the possibilities that combination could make, and what great stories it could be. At that time I was reading Robert Kirkman's brilliant Walking Dead and playing Valve's insanely popular Left4Dead game. It also struck me that my comic had to be insightful such in the vein of Walking Dead but at the same time the frantic action of the game."