Asvathaa Inc. launches Karma Kingdom, a Quest Driven Island Game

By FARHATNAZ ANSARI | 4 August, 2011 - 15:25

Singapore based Asvathaa Inc. game developing company has recently launched Karma Kingdom, a quest driven island game on facebook. The tagline of the game, Create your better World, best encapsulates the essence of the game. Unlike other social games like Farmville, Cityville this game has free flow design with circular mapping instead of grid based mechanism to let users create more personal designs. 


The game play of the game is simple; users can create their own world. The users have to find shelter and food for them and later on can build an entire community. As the game progresses, users can buy extra items/ elements to make their community more self-dependent like hospitals, schools, restaurants and so on. Asvathaa took a year to complete the development of this game.

Talking to AnimationXpress Asia Pacific Ashok Desai, CEO & Founder, Asvatha Inc. shared, “Karma Kingdom is a social game and utilizes Indian Mythology which the wider Indian Diaspora will find familiar but at the same time the global audience won’t be lost. This game is meant for the global demographic and the layout and design of the game will appeal to all”.

The game play mechanism will be familiar to the casual and social gamers. The game also has a unique feature of the day and night cycle. The game has tasks/ quests for day time as well as night time. So the users can complete a full cycle of day to night in 15 mins of game play. 

Interestingly, the game also provides a unique connection between the virtual world and real world, in a way it helps improving the real world as you go about playing the game. If a user buys a branded charity item/ element in the game the money paid by him directly goes to the said charity in reality. Not just that if the users buy non-charity items the money raised by it also goes to the charity with just a small percentage of it going to Asvathaa Inc.

About which Ashok says, “It’s like a personal CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) for us”. He further added, “We are also setting up a developing centre in New Delhi. We want to bring a wave of social games. Currently we have 6-7 ideas but we are yet to finalize anything. We are also planning to bring Karma Kingdom to the mobile platforms”. 

Asvathaa Inc. has a team of eight people and also outsources work from an outside team of 15 people. It has offices in USA, Singapore and India.