KidsCo celebrates 3 years of edutainment

By ANIMATION XPRES... | 13 September, 2010 - 12:56

KidsCo is celebrating its third anniversary, marking the occasion with a commitment to commission more original content and further global expansion in the next 12 months.

KidsCo, broadcast in 18 languages across 92 countries and reaching over 12 million homes, has grown rapidly over the past 12 months. The channel has focused on delivering quality 'edutainment' to children aged 6-10, preschoolers and families globally, including original programming such as Boo & Me and Jass Time! and much-loved classics including: Sonic: Underground and The Wiggles amongst others.

The channel has also expanded into cyberspace with the launch of which is being rolled out across Asia, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East in 11 languages, through September 2010. The site features live streaming of full-length episodes of original KidsCo productions as well as programme trailers. Children are now able to explore interactive opportunities on the website including a selection of new games and downloads, as well as regionally tailored competitions. The site offers child-friendly browsing through 3D imaging, animated icons and carousel scrolling. The new design provides brands with multiplatform commercial opportunities to engage with KidsCo's core audience of children and families on a multinational or regional basis.

Key milestones in KidsCo's three years include the channel's expansion into new territories including: Australia, South Africa, Spain, Poland, Singapore. The channel has kept programming fresh through a steady stream of content deals with Fremantle, YFE and The Beach Crew, as well as original content produced together with Image Venture and UNICEF UK producing programming in support of children's rights. . All this has added to the momentum of the channel. KidsCo has also successfully launched a second channel, Big TV, targeting eight to 14 year-olds in Africa. 2010 has also seen the launch of

Paul Robinson, CEO at KidsCo says: "KidsCo's third year has been marked with tremendous progress. I am very proud of the success that we have achieved and the pace that the channel has gained as we continue to expand globally, offering families with a choice that they can trust and enjoy. As we enter our fourth year, KidsCo shows no sign of slowing down as we prepare for new territories to join the KidsCo family and additional content commissions to announce."