Shellhut's 'Flying with Byrd' to air on Channel 3, Thailand on May 6

By FARHATNAZ ANSARI | 27 April, 2011 - 12:30

Bangkok based Shellhut is all set to release the 1st season of ‘Flying with Byrd’ (26 x 11 mins. HD) on Channel 3, Thailand on May 6, 2011.

The total budget of the series is USD 5 Million and it is a joint venture between Shellhut Entertainment and GMM Grammy, one of the largest entertainment companies in Thailand. More than 150 artists have worked on the series.  The studio has already started the production of season 2 (26 x11 mins HD) which will be completed in June this year.

The series primary characters include Byrd, Jamie, Derrick, Hyun, Daniela, Lily, Song, and Squawky. The series features a cast of ethnically diverse teen characters (12-13 years old) - just slightly older than the series’ target audience - who have adventures as they travel around the world - as well as through time and space.  Their mentor and guide is BYRD a handsome, pop star who is on a quest to find all the “lost notes” floating through time and space and use them to compose the Universal Symphony of Harmony.

Talking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific Jirayuth of Shellhut Entertainment shared, “After the success of our first series Shelldon in the international markets, we are confident that the series of ‘Flying with Byrd’ will make audience very happy as it is full of exciting adventures from different countries around the world. Also, the series will educate kids to see how important imagination and music is”.

GMM Grammy's representative shared, “We hope audience will enjoy the show with a unique combination of imagination and music in ‘Flying with Byrd’”.

Shellhut Entertainment is wrapping the series soon and they are in talks with broadcasters for the same. Currently Shellhut is working on ‘The Great Hero’, an animated feature film action project, launching in 2013.