Thailand Creative Collaboration 2011 slated for 17-18 March; Interview with Kamon Jirapong

By AMRITA VALECHA | 14 March, 2011 - 18:29

Kamon Jirapong who would be serving as an advisor for digital content projects to various governmental organizations and private companies speaks to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific about the Creative Collaboration 2011 which will take place this week from 17th to 18th March in Bangkok, Thailand. Creative Collaboration aims to be a platform of international networking and collaboration for Thailand’s creative industry which includes software, film, music, digital content as well as academic and professional organization.


What is the main objective of organizing Creative Collaboration 2011?
Thai government by the Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) would like to promote Thai digital content industry to the global market. The event will emphasize that Thais are getting ready to be one of the major digital content producers for the world. We are competitive because we could provide high quality products with affordable budgets. Our current workforce is skillful, and our future workforce (students) is trained to be able to hit and run once they graduate. Many Thai universities start having collaboration with major international universities to co-develop the programs and curriculum, send students to do internship aboard, and get international experts to come to Thailand and help prepare students.

From the projects that Thais will sign MOU with their international partners on this March 17th , you will see our collaboration is not limited to a specific region. It covers the world and all aspects of development in Thai digital content industry.

The purpose of the Creative Collaboration 2011 is to support Thai companies to collaborate with international partners that not only will benefit their companies to grow sustainably, but also help strengthen the Thai local content industry.

Have you selected the 20 International partners?
Creative Collaboration 2011 will serve as a medium for Thai companies to meet their potential or business partners in Thailand. We ask all interested parties to submit the applications, and select the 20 participants based on:

1.    Profiles of partners and their credential

2.    Benefits and advantages that Thailand and Thai digital content industry may receive from the projects that these partners will sign MOU upon

3.    Benefits that Thai companies will get from signing the MOU with their partners.

For this first year of the Creative Collaboration we have 16 Thai entities to sign MOUs with 20 international partners, resulting in 22 MOUs in total, covering animation, game, software, licensing, and education in related fields.

Thai participants in the program are AMADIVA, Anya Animation, CWITE, Debuz, Forever Best Idea, Gmotif, Imagine, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Machobiz, Novaleaf, Ring zero, School of Digital Media- Sripatum University, Silptorn Animation, Studio Hive, TIGA, Urbanice, Vithita Animation.

International participants are Anhui Time Anime Company Limited (China), Animation Xpress (India), Asia Media Animation (Malaysia), CIBN Group (China), FatCheez (Malaysia), Grasshopper (Japan), Hipwell Animation (Australia), ICTBA (Cambodia), IEM Consulting (Germany), JCC (Singapore), Just a Game (Germany), Key Asylum (USA), National Authority of Posts and Telecommunications (NAPT) (Laos PDR), Shandog ICT (China), Six Inch Space PTE LTD (India), Snap Creative (Malaysia), Southern Taiwan University (STUT) (Taiwan), SSAK C&M (South Korea), Star Cluster Media (China), VINASA (Vietnam), Wild Boar Media Inc (USA).

If this project were to continue in the next year, we would have made sure that there are more spaces for many other applicants with great projects that can’t join us this time

Who are the organizers of the event? And could you tell us about the various partners and supporters?
Creative Collaboration 2011 is mainly supported by the Thai government under the Creative Thailand project, The Minister of information and communication technology (MICT), and Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA). Silpakorn University is selected to be the event organizer with I am helping as the advisor to the project.

We also got strong support from many associations and educational institutes in the digital industry.

What are the various events in Thailand in 2011?
Thailand has so many events in all digital content industries each year. The closet event to the Creative Collaboration 2011 is the DigiPlay: Thai-UK Digital Festival, which is an exhibition organized by Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) in collaboration with British Council. It will happen from March 25th, 2011 – May 1st, 2011 at TCDC Center, 6th floor, The Emporium.

In this event, you will see digital content in different media such as animation, game, and interactive design from both Thai and UK content providers.

Your views on the growing Digital Industry in Thailand?
As the Thai government is now in touch and focus more on the quality of Thai contents, they understand that promoting the industry while most of the contents are imported does not benefit the local production and not enough for the Thai industry to grow sustainably in the long-run.

Creating success story or product champion is a key task for governmental agencies this year. They have to promote the selected products in a full business cycle. Starting from concept, production development, and marketing strategy. They will also have to prepare adequate budget and supporting staff to make this idea come to realization.

What would your message be to the international companies who are looking to work with Thailand?
I believe that Thailand is one of the digital content hubs that ready to serve your needs in very professional ways. We offer good quality to price ratio. And, there are many companies that have worked with major players in the industry before. Thai companies have gained experience to communicate and deliver quality assured products to international partners. Our coming workforce has been better prepared by educational institutions. And now, our government is more understanding in the business of digital industry. We have seen better supports from them every year. For those who want to learn more about the event, please visit, or contact [email protected].