MSC Malaysia IP Creators Challenge Series (IPCC) - Casual Games and Mobile Games Workshop 2009

By ANIMATION XPRES... | 13 July, 2009 - 00:00

In the MSC Malaysia Intellectual Property Creators Challenge (IPCC) 2009 competition which came to an end recently, one could see a huge number of participants eager to learn first hand tips from the industry players. Many turned up and stayed on until the last speaker concluded.

The MSC Malaysia IPCC Casual Games and Mobile Workshop Games 2009, held in Nikko Hotel on the 9th of June 2009, saw a turn out of 70 people, mostly from the industry coming to listen to well respected speakers to learn and understand better about the local games development and mobile content industry.

This workshop is part of IPCC 2009 program, organize by TED-CMC, whereby attendees among others learned how to submit better proposals for the MSC Malaysia IPCC 2009 competition, as winning this competition will give them a chance to realize and even commercialize their ideas. Based on the feedback form, 58% of the attendees found the event to be very helpful and informative out of which 18% rated it as excellent.

Topics that were presented during that day included tips, financing, market needs and demands from the industry. Included in our long list of expert speakers were:

1. En. Hasnul Hadi Samsudin (MDeC) ; Financing And Supporting Services
2. Michael Ooi (Collective Intelligence Sdn. Bhd) ; Designing Game Mechanics
3. Terence Tan (Big Bad Robots) ; Casual Games Technical Requirements
4. Mohan Low (Leet Games Marketing & Consulting Sdn Bhd) ; Selling Casual Games
5. Dennis Lee (Roland Asia Pacific) ; Creating Music In Games
6. Jordan Phang creator of Ice Blast (IPCC’07 Winner) ; Knowledge Sharing
7. Stanley Gan (EA Sports) ; The Wireless World …and what’s in this for you?
8. En. Reza Razali (Terato ) ; Development of Mobile Games in iPhone
9. Kee Saik Meng (Maxis) ; Mobile Games with Maxis and Local Content for Malaysian Market
10. Victor Jong (Trinity Wizards) ; Challenges faced by a Malaysian Mobile Games Developer
11. En. Azli Paat (Mobile Content Development Association)