SIPA-MdeC Business Matching @ Creative Collaboration 2011

By AMRITA VALECHA | 24 March, 2011 - 10:48

The second day of Creative Collaboration Thailand focused on the overview of the Malaysian digital content industry. The Malaysian companies present at the event were Asia Media Animation, Big Beak Animation, e- One Studio, Fatcheez, Hue Visualab, Snap Creative, and Xadira.  The second half of the event was meant for focused business Matching sessions between the International and Thai companies.

Yang Mee from MDeC shared about digital content industry in Malaysia along with MDeC’s support and how local and international companies can benefit from it. She shared some of the benefits of working with a MSC Malaysia Status companies like

- A world-class physical and information infrastructure
- Unrestricted employment of knowledge workers
- Ensure freedom of ownership
- Freedom of sourcing capital globally for MSC infrastructure and freedom of borrowing funds
- Competitive financial incentives including no corporate tax or an investment tax allowance for up to ten years and no duties on the import of multimedia equipment
- A regional leader in intellectual property protection and cyberlaws
- Ensure no censorship of Internet
- Provide globally competitive telecoms tariffs
- Tender key MSC infrastructure contracts to leading companies willing to use MSC as their regional hub

Thailand has shared a great working relationship with Malaysia over the past few years when the 2 countries signed an MOU of working together. Some of the Malaysian companies working with Thai companies are Asia Media Animation with Imagine Design, Big Beak Animation with G Motif, Fatcheez with Novaleaf and G Motif, Hue Visualab with Imagimax, Snap Creative with Silptorn.

Dr. June from SIPA shared, “The rules and regulations in Malaysia are very tangible for the business. They evolve according to the trends of the globe. Malaysia can produce quality work and also have international collaborations along with Thailand and we think the mind set of both the countries is very similar. We are sure that Thailand and Malaysia together have a bright future. We believe that Thailand is one of the digital content hubs that is ready to serve the needs internationally. Our talent are being nutured and now our governmen is more understanding in the business of digital industry.”