Cartoon Network Club set to offer Asia Pacific's largest online playground for kids

By ANIMATION XPRES... | 29 July, 2010 - 13:19

Cartoon Network has launched virtual playground with its new Cartoon Network Club, expanding the energetic brand experience to animate kids' lives even more.Being buddies with alien-morphing boy hero Ben 10, the ever-mischievous Chowder or sea-faring Flapjack has never been easier as Cartoon Network Club ( immerses members in their favorite TV toon world where they can play games, sneak a peek at new shows and collect cool rewards.A highlight of Cartoon Network Club is its virtual currency, or colorful "beans", that can be redeemed to preview shows, play the latest games, receive discounts on merchandise and other exciting items. Earning beans can be as simple as discovering hidden codes, entering contests or downloading Cartoon Network games.

Joining Cartoon Network Club is free and the channel's existing 2.5 million registered website users get automatic membership with everyone receiving 300 'bonus' beans to kick off the fun. A free toon avatar complete with must-have virtual accessories will let Cartoon Network members play to their heart's content, while showing off their style in this awesome online playground.

Lucien Harrington, Vice President, Branding & Communications, Turner Entertainment Networks Asia, Inc. said, "Cartoon Network is about animating kids' lives in ways that make sense to them. Cartoon Network Club takes all the comedy and adventure experienced on TV and extends it to other platforms such as the online space, where kids can interact with their favorite characters in a fun and safe environment." Cartoon Network Club will also let members have a say in what they'd like to do, play on the site, watch on-air, and members will even have the chance to be Cartoon Network game testers before the official game launch.

Harrington continued, "Knowing kids is part of our DNA and this Club will be like the gigantic tree house fort in Codename: Kids Next Door. Kids across Asia Pacific can gather and share their ideas with us to create an even bigger Cartoon Network experience than ever before. We're looking forward to further expanding the Club soon, to include even more exciting promotions and benefits for kids across a variety of platforms."

Kids who join Cartoon Network Club will enjoy:
" 300 complimentary beans
" Free avatar creation
" Two (2) virtual items for their avatar
" Member only games
" Member only sneak peeks
" A birthday bash eCard
" A 10% discount at Cartoon Network Shop (
" Special partner discount offers