Tuldok Animation to release "From Lines to Life, An Introduction to Animation" by Q1 of 2010

By AMRITA VALECHA | 30 October, 2009 - 16:36

Philippines based Tuldok Animation Studio is currently working on "From Lines to Life: An Introduction to Animation" in co-production with The Commission on Information and Communication Technology together with the National Commission for Culture. These are seven animation instructional videos to spread animation education in Philippines and to encourage the people to pursue careers in Animation and also to create businesses that will cater to this industry. The pre-production began around September 2008, production started March 2009, and the project is currently in the post-production phase. The final project will be completed by 1st quarter of 2010.

The set of instructional videos will be about the basics of making an animated film. It will be divided into seven videos of 9 mins each. Except for the 1st video which is for 18 mins, since it includes clips of some significant original Filipino animated works in it.

Talking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific, Benedict Carandang, Co-founder, Tuldok Animation studio said, "With the production of these instructional videos we will be able to familiarize Filipino viewers with this medium, Animation. Also, we hope to encourage those already interested in animation to use this medium in telling their stories thereby producing more original Filipino animated content."
These videos will be combined with the 40 minutes Animated Short film, Pasintable into 1 DVD.

He further added, "We will be producing 3,000 copies of this DVD and this will be distributed to State Universities and Public Schools for FREE hoping to encourage the youth to pursue animation as a career or put up their own creative businesses that will support our animation industry."

Leanna A. Beltran Project Manager, Creative Content Development, Commission on Information and Communications Technology shared," Our Team (Creative Content Development) at the Philippine's Commission on ICT (CICT) needed a project that would make young Filipinos see the process of how it is to create Animation or simply -- how it is to tell a story with technology. And what we wanted was something fun and up-beat. So our government with the talents of Tuldok Animation Studios created From Lines to Life. I believe From Lines to Life reflect our fascination with story telling and technology. What we hope to achieve is to spark some kind of inspiration among the Filipino youth, and see what the Filipino mind can do!"

All the videos mostly feature 2D animation although we also showed samples of 3D animation too. The director opted to have a video that's easy to understand with playful and colorful images that will be appealing to the target audience.

Talking about the project, Ayeen Pineda, Co-founder, Tuldok Animation studio shared, "The Philippines has been doing outsourcing work for a quarter of a decade already. And yet, many Filipinos still do not perceive or consider animation as an industry they can have a career in. With these videos, we hope to get more people interested (at the very least) in exploring career possibilities either as an animator, director, a character designer, colorist, etc. But more than that, we hope that we can get and develop more producers of original Filipino animated content. We really think it's time we share with the world our stories and that can only happen if we have equipped individuals with the skills and knowledge that they need to do so."